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TMSA President’s Annual Report for 2014

The main game for TMSA is the maintenance and development of sport and recreational activities for our community. It is about looking for, creating and being open to opportunities to collaborate with our 10 member clubs of Soccer, Netball, Rugby, Cricket, Hang Gliders, Remote Control Helicopters, Tour De Tamborine, Bridge Club, Chess Club and Little Athletics. It is also about creating opportunities for other sporting groups, recreational clubs, community groups, business and members of the public to access and engage with this remarkable resource. The opportunities that exist for TMSA and the Tamborine Mountain community may well be limitless. We have an excellent facility thanks in large part to a small group of dedicated community minded people who some years ago who dared to dream, to think big with remarkable results.  By any measure 2014 has been a very successful year for TMSA with a solid financial consolidation with positive cash flow, low current debt and no long-term debt, ongoing development of strong governance structures, policies and procedures, growing participation in sport and recreational activities and overall usage of the facility.  This is my first report as President and I am very proud of the progress we have made, grateful for the hard work of many and overwhelmed by the generosity of some.

Management and financial outcomes

During 2014, the TMSA Board has implemented a range of developments in its governance and operations. Of particular note were the following activities:

· The TMSA Constitution was amended after consultation with TMSA members to simplify membership approval and subscriptions

· The development and implementation of a new Operations  Manual

· The developmental and endorsement of the 10 year TMSA Maintenance Plan

· The re-development of the Right of Use Fee calculator to provide for greater equity across clubs.

Our fourth year, 2013-2014, has seen a continuation of a solid income stream through canteen sales and an increase in TMSA membership leading to increased income from Right of Use Agreements. Although overall revenue was down by 9% from the previous year due to no large events being staged such as the Rise and Shine event in 2013, TMSA remain in a financially solid position overall. Our total operating expenditure again this year has been kept to a minimum with reductions in many areas. Nevertheless, the costing in maintaining such a wonderful facility is not insignificant with close to $29,000 being spent this year on the upkeep and improvement of the playing fields and general maintenance of machinery and fertilization. Overall the position is strong and sustainable with TMSA having no long term debt and still maintaining a healthy ratio of 5.67 times more current assets to current liabilities.

Importantly this year TMSA and Tour De Tamborine developed a strategic agreement to support the ongoing development of sport and youth participation in the community. To this end, 50% of the net profit raised by Tour De Tamborine will be donated to TMSA to promote the long term sustainability of the TMSA facility.

Off balance sheet contributions have played a big part too; in particular the ongoing contribution from Tamborine Mountain Landcare to landscape gardens and plant buffers, as well as continuing maintenance contributions from CW Pumps and Adam Morrison and Coolibah Constructions Pty Ltd, Barry Edwards for mowing and field maintenance and Jacqui and Martin Wensor from Zillton Pty Ltd for the weekly cleaning of the TMSA building.  All have all made a huge difference and helped us to maintain and slowly develop the wonderful facilities we now have.

Development and Growth in 2014

There have been several positive developments actualised or in planning for TMSA over the last 12 months that aim to build and promote sport and recreational usage of the facility to the whole community.

· TMSA welcomes two new member clubs to the ranks of TMSA including Little Athletics, a new and emerging club that provide opportunities for children and young people to engage in a range of athletic activities and the long established Bridge Club. The Bridge Club will start construction of a small facility at TMSA that will accommodate their playing requirements and also build upon the facilities available to the community.

· Netball was successful in gaining a grant for fencing around the netball playing surface enabling easier ball retrieval and the protection of the netball court surface.

· TMSA was successful in gaining a seeding grant from the Scenic Rim Regional Council of $10 000 for the establishment of lighting at the Sports Complex. We await notification from the Department of Sport and Recreation on a substantial grant application for this purpose. The lighting of some of the playing surfaces is a priority for TMSA and an important step in maximizing the facilities usage and increasing community participation in sport and recreational activities, for example evening Netball, Touch Football, Soccer and Cricket practice can all become a reality.

· We welcome back Tour De Tamborine (TdT) to TMSA. This is a very important and successful event for our community with approximately 1600 participants. TdT provides significant support to local sporting and recreational clubs and has become a marquee event for Tamborine Mountain.

· We hosted the Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective  in the Scenic Rim Arts Trail Open Studios

· Planning is well underway for a regular Saturday morning Parkrun starting and finishing at the Sports Complex. Parkrun is a free, weekly, 5km timed run that occurs around the world. They are open to everyone and safe and easy to take part in.

· TMSA has received a very generous donation of a large children’s playground for the Sport Centre and we hope to have it installed in early 2015. We are currently working with SRRC to ensure all required standards will be met.

· Initial planning and discussion has occurred with SRRC about the establishment of a community walking track around the Sports Complex to promote healthy activity. It will provide families and other members of the community access to a safe walking track with a spectacular vista away for the traffic and road edges.

· TMSA provided camping and a park and ride to the GarterBelts and Gasoline Event again this year with a welcome increase in the numbers of people using the facility for camping.

· Planning is also well underway with the Tamborine Mountain Cricket Club to establish cricket practice nets at the Sport Complex.


I would like thank the SRRC for their support of TMSA and their commitment to its ongoing growth and viability. A community facility such as TMSA could not operate without the voluntary contributions of many people. I would first of all like to acknowledge the dozens of Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and Netball parents and caregivers that gave their time at the canteen, providing sustenance to our children and young people and a welcome coffee to parents but also financial sustenance through a steady income to TMSA.

The contribution of Adam Morrison and Gordon Haldane from CW Pumps, each of whom continues to play a major role in grounds maintenance; Barry Edwards whose ongoing generosity is very much appreciated and whose advice on grounds maintenance has been invaluable;  Landcare’s Judith Rowland for her ongoing contributions and commitment to the TMSA environment ; Jacky and Martin Wensor from Zillton Pty Ltd for the weekly cleaning of the TMSA building and Tamborine Mountain Butchery, North Tamborine Bakery and Tamborine Mountain Lions’ Club for their generous support. I'd like to thank Lance Cordingley for his considered advice and each of the Delegates, and the many others who have helped throughout the year in so many ways: volunteers all. Finally, I would like to thank the TMSA Board for their hard work and commitment to ensuring a strong and viable facility.

John Flanagan

President TMSA


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